Here are the concrete results of our work: files for you to download. We hope they can inspire you and help you in your own projects. We still have plenty of ideas and hope to offer you more files soon.

FileDescriptionFile SizeDownloadedLink
JSON VBA class in CLS formatThe JSON Class for VBA in the .CLS format - can be easily imported to your project from the VB Editor)105.3 KB1,738 xDownload
JSON VBA class in TXT formatThe JSON Class for VBA in text format. Easy to read, you can copy/paste the part of the code that suits your needs.105.1 KB2,368 xDownload
JSON Quick StarterExcel file (.XLSM) with JSON Class installed and ready for use...85.1 KB1,465 xDownload
JSON ValidatorTool to easily validate JSON strings/values.104.1 KB1,024 xDownload
JSON TesterThis Excel file let you test the possibilities and the logic used in the JSON Class.146.7 KB1,490 xDownload
Example of use:
Geographical Distance checker
Practical example of using JSON data (from Google Maps) in Excel/VBA based application (see: Case Study)85.8 KB568 xDownload