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VBA Dictionary Look up Looking up items Dictionaries have been designed to allow for easy (and fast) lookups of items. Lookups are based the keys of the key/item pairs. [crayon-5f6f27d3d0612321419076/] If the items are of the type dictionary, lookups can be nested. This feature is used a lot in the […]

VBA Dictionary: How to look up in a Dictionary

VBA Dictionary Change Dictionaries are lookup structures. Typically, they are filled with data and, once that is done, they are used to look up data. Normally, the key/items pairs in the dictionaries don't change a lot. However, changes are possible. In a key/item pair, items can be changed. Keys cannot. […]

VBA Dictionary: How to modify a Dictionary

VBA Dictionary Fill A dictionary must first be filled with key/item pairs. When the object reference is assigned, it contains zero key/item pairs. [crayon-5f6f27d3d37de932810368/] You can add as many key/item pairs as you like. The keys must be unique. The keys and items can be of any VBA type. Or […]

VBA Dictionary: How to fill in a Dictionary

VBA Dictionary Destroy It is good practice to destroy a dictionary that is no longer needed. [crayon-5f6f27d3d3dd8684159385/] By Set D = Nothing the object reference that is assigned to the variable is released. Some prefer this. [crayon-5f6f27d3d3de4539200670/] After Set D = Nothing the variable of the type dictionary still exists. […]

VBA Dictionary: How to destroy a Dictionary

VBA Dictionary Create To create a dictionary, two lines of code are needed. [crayon-5f6f27d3d44d3166892019/] The first line declares a variable of the type dictionary. The second line assigns an object reference to the variable. Now, you can use the dictionary. Dictionaries are not native to VBA. Dictionaries are part of […]

VBA Dictionary: How to create a Dictionary

General An object to store things In programming, it is often handy to have an object that can store all kind of things, whatever the type of the thing you would like to store. An object that can store numbers, strings, dates, arrays or any other object. An object of […]

VBA Dictionary: Introduction